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Economy Open Barrel "F" Crimper

An economical crimper with 5 cavities to crimp open barrel terminals from 24-14 AWG. Parallel jaw action helps prevent the rolling tendency of ratcheting type crimpers, but require greater hand force to operate, so these are recommended only for occasional use. 8.4" length.
Comparable to Delphi 12085271 and SPX Kent-Moore J-38125-7 crimpers

For use with a wide variety of open barrel crimp terminals including:
- MTW-series, Hitachi
- MT, HM, HW-series, Sumitomo
- DS, HD, HM, MT 090 Unsealed, Sumitomo
- HX, DL, SL, TL, TS-series, Sumitomo
- HE050-series, Sumitomo
- ICM22-series
- KOM1-series, Bosch Kompakt
- W025-series, Sumitomo
- LB-series
- DC090-series, Sumitomo
- SSD-series, Yazaki
- SSC-series, Tyco/AMP Sealed Sensor Connector
- SS15-series, Tyco/AMP Superseal 1.5
- ES3-series, Tyco/AMP Econoseal III
- 090 and 090II-series, Yazaki
- GT150.35- and GT150.45-series, GT-150 Sealed, Delphi
- MP150.2-series, Metri-Pack 150.2 Pull to seat, Delphi
- MP150P-series, Metri-Pack 150 Pull to seat, Delphi
- MP150U-series, Metri-Pack 150 Unsealed, Delphi
- YESC.15, 1.5mm System Sealed, Yazaki

NOT compatible with:
- 250-series
- BC35, BC40-series bullet connectors
- QLW-series, Furukawa
- ESJ-series, Tyco/AMP Econoseal MkII J-series
- MP150-series, Metri-Pack 150 Rear Insert type, Delphi
- MX23A-series, JAE
- MX47-series, JAE
- JWPF-series, JST
- SS10-series, Tyco/AMP Superseal 1.0
- WP-series, Weather-Pack, Delphi

Price: $26.75
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