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P-706 Open Barrel "F" Crimper

Ideal for crimping small terminals, the Hozan P-706 is machined and built to high standards that result in a high quality crimp.

Features 11 "F" crimp cavities from 1.4-3.7mm (1.4, 1.7L, 1.7H, 2.0L, 2.0H, 2.4L, 2.4M, 2.4H, 2.8, 3.2, 3.7mm)
L=Narrow crimp width, M=Mid size crimp width, H=Wide crimp width (Widest, of the particular size available)
3 round insulation crimps: 1.8, 2.5, and 4.0mm diameter
Made in Japan

Suitable for:
- 090II-series, Yazaki
- 58X-series, Yazaki
- 250-series (250.TL, 250.ATL), Sumitomo/Yazaki
- ESJ-series, Tyco/AMP Econoseal MkII J-series
- MT, HM, HW Sealed series, Sumitomo
- HX, DL, SL, TL, TS-series, Sumitomo
- GT150.45-series, GT-150 Sealed, Delphi
- HE050-series, Sumitomo
- HU-series, Furukawa
- JPT-series, Tyco/AMP Junior Power Timer
- JWPF-series, JST
- KOM1-series, Bosch Kompakt
- MLC040, MLC040HL, MLC070-series, Mini Multi-lock, Tyco/AMP
- MX150-series, Molex
- SS10-series, Tyco/AMP Superseal 1.0
- SS15-series, Tyco/AMP Superseal 1.5
- SSD-series, Yazaki
- RFW-series, Furukawa

NOT compatible with:
- YESC.15, 1.5mm System Sealed, Yazaki
- GT150.35, GT-150 Sealed, Delphi
- DS, HD, HM, MT 090 Unsealed, Sumitomo
- MP150-series, Metri-Pack 150 Rear Insert type, Delphi
- MP150.2-series, Metri-Pack 150.2 Pull to seat, Delphi
- MP150P-series, Metri-Pack 150 Pull to seat, Delphi
- MP150U-series, Metri-Pack 150 Unsealed, Delphi
- MX23A-series, JAE
- MX34-series, JAE
- MX47-series, JAE
- SSC-series, Tyco/AMP Sealed Sensor Connector
- TS025-series, Sumitomo
- W025-series, Sumitomo

Price: $55.73
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